• Overview: Financial assistance & waiver volume


A large number of students receive financial support from the university every semester. There are merit scholarships, tuition fee waiver on academic performance, freedom fighter’s waiver, BOT members’ and VC’s special  waivers for the deserving students. Tuition fee waiver ranges from 10 to 100 percent of tuition fees depending on the academic achievements.

During Fall 2018, a total 1,737 students received different categories of financial support on grounds of merit and disadvantaged social and economic circumstances.  UAP gave an amount of Taka 3.2 crore to the students as financial support in Fall 2018 – which is 9 percent of the tuition income – much higher than the government mandated 6 percent. 

During Spring 2019, financial support volume on grounds of merit and disadvantage was even bigger to cover larger number of beneficiaries. UAP gave an amount of Tk 3.46 crore to over 2,000 students as financial support in Spring 2019 – which comes to 9.4 percent of the tuition income – again, much higher than the government mandated 6 percent. UAP promises to maintain similar supports for deserving students in each semester and will increase the volume of support every coming semester.    

  • Waiver for new students (during Admission)


Entry Level Waiver for Undergraduate Program (Only for 1st Semester)


SI. No GPA of SSC/Equivalent GPA of HSC/Equivalent GPA of Diploma/Equivalent Tuition fee Waiver
1 4.00-4.49 4.00-4.49 3.50-3.75 10%
2 4.50-4.99 4.50-4.99 3.75-3.99 25%
3 5.00 5.00 4.00 50%
4 5.00 (all A+) 5.00 (all A+) 4.00 100%


Special Options/ waivers:

  • 3% of total seats are reserved for children of Freedom Fighters and will be offered 100% tuition fee waiver

  • 3% of total seats are reserved for poor but meritorious students from remote underdeveloped regions of Bangladesh and will be offered 100% tuition fee waiver. (After Admission)

  • 60% tuition fee waiver for 2nd sibling of a student who is already studying in UAP.


    • Waiver for current students

    Merit Waiver (based on semester result)

    Semester GPA Tuition fee Waiver
    3.50 - 3.74 25%
    3.75 - 3.89 50%
    3.90 - 3.99 75%
    4.00 100%


    Special Note:

    • Top 3% students in each department will be offered 100% tuition fee waiver.


    • Special waiver & other assistances


    VC's special tuition fee waiver

    10%-100% tuition fee waiver for poor but meritorious students  (Based on performance at UAP) (a warded and approved by the Vice Chancellor). 


    Other Possibilities

    In special cases BOT Members personally offer full or partial financial assistances for UAP students.


    General Criteria for semester based tuition fee waiver  

      (including Vice Chancellor‘s Special Tuition fee waiver and Freedom Fighters Quota waiver)

    • Has to be a regular student.

    • Student must take full load (as mentioned in department prospectus) in the concerned semester

    • Students taking repeat exams are not eligible for waiver.

    • Has a record of good conduct

    • Has no outstanding dues (for VC's special waiver and merit based waiver)

    • Financially insolvent (for VC's special waiver)

    • No "F" grade in any subject in the concerned semester (Freedom Fighters Quota waiver)

    • Has a minimum GPA of 3.5 and 3.0 for VC's special waiver

    • Has been recommended by the Head of the Department and Advisor