Software & Hardware Club


The only devoted club for the betterment of students of CSE, UAP Software and Hardware Club. This club directly works for student's advancement in the hardware and software sectors. We conduct different sorts of events by those students who practice their software and hardware skills. We have arranged many events so far. Two of our biggest event is Carnival and Exposition. Students from different universities and colleges participate in these events to show their skills.

Our Goals

We believe that today tech world’s place will be slowed down without the knowledge of software and hardware. Our motto is to improve and patronize our student’s software and hardware skills. We are already done with Android and Application Development Session, Web Application and Development, Hardware, and its Application Development. We try our best to help the students which are interested in exploring the software and hardware universe. We are looking forward to arranging some workshops and classes for the students for their betterment. We are also up to starting a “Club Laboratory” where we will be providing the students some equipment which they can use in different projects of software and hardware. We want to help our students to be a mastermind in software and hardware sector who will represent and enlighten our university.

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